A little about me…

Welcome to my online kitchen!

I am a Toronto-based law-student by day, and a passionate homecook by night. Cooking has always been my passion, and I have been in the kitchen alongside my grandparents since a young age. As I have progressed through the work and education world, one thing I have realized is that good, easy meals do not need to take hours on end to prepare. As our world gets busier, my aim is to bring these quick and easy meal solutions to you, and your family.

I started sharing my cooking journey through my instagram, @the.sassy.foodie, during the quarantine phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Who knew that people would want to see what little old me is making!

I love to recreate classic favourites, and new cuisines alike, but most importantly, I like to make home cooking easy and accessible to everyone. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it definitely has to be delicious!