Homemade Modelo Micheladas

Homemade Modelo Micheladas are perfect for a hot summer day! Savory, salty clamato gets dressed up with the right amount of spice, zest from fresh lime, and of course, cold refreshing modelo beer.


Using a wedge of lime, rim the glasses with lime juice. Dip the glass, lime juice side down, into a plate filled with tajin seasoning. Swish the glass around until the seasoning has adhered to the glass.

Squeeze a wedge of lime into each glass and leave the squeezed lime wedge in the glass.

Add the worcestershire sauce, tabasco, and clamato to the glasses. Stir using a long spoon to combine. Add 3-4 ice cubes to the glasses.

Top the cocktails off with modelo beer, serve, and enjoy your homemade Modelo Micheladas!