Steakhouse Style Wedge Salad (Without Blue Cheese)

A steakhouse-style wedge salad is a classic side dish, that is incredibly simple to make at home!


Crisp the bacon lardons in a cold frying pan. Turn the heat to medium, and allow the bacon fat to render and the bacon to a crisp. Once the bacon is crisp, drain on a plate lined with a paper towel.

Remove the core from the head of the iceberg lettuce. You can remove the core with a paring knife, or by banging the head of the lettuce, core facing down, on a hard surface.

Cut the head of lettuce into quarter wedges, and arrange it on a platter. Top with the diced tomato, and crisped bacon.

In a small mixing bowl or measuring cup, mix together the ingredients for the ranch dressing. Dress the wedge salad with the ranch dressing, and serve.