Pasta e Piselli (Peas) with Pancetta

This pasta e piselli with pancetta is the perfect springtime pasta dish.

Al dente pasta gets a bright makeover with fresh, sweet peas, salty pancetta, and the easiest sauce you could imagine.


While the pasta is cooking, add the pancetta to a cold pan. Turn the heat on to medium heat, and let the pancetta crisp up and the fat render.

Remove the garlic cloves after 2-3  minutes. Add the drained pasta, and coat well with the pancetta fat.  Season with salt and pepper. Turn the heat to low.

Add in the pasta water, and sprinkle in  the parmesan cheese. Mix vigorously to emulsify the parmesan cheese with  the pasta water and pancetta fat.

Turn the heat off. Add the green peas, and fold into the pasta.