Kadai Paneer (Dhaba Style)

This dhaba style kadai paneer is a simple and flavourful way to make paneer, and incorporate more meatless recipes in your weekly rotation - made in the style of an Indian "diner" or dhaba!


Heat a large skillet over high heat. In a tablespoon of olive oil, brown the paneer cubes, red onion and bell pepper. Once the paneer is browned on all sides, remove from the skillet and set aside.

Add 2 tablespoons of oil to the same skillet that the paneer was browned in. Turn the heat to medium, and add the diced white onion. Let the onion fry until golden brown all around.

Add the diced tomato, green chilli and spices to the fried onions. Let the tomatoes cook through and become soft.

The tomatoes and onions should come together and form a paste-like consistency. Once the tomatoes have come together, add the tomato puree and cook through for 2-3 minutes.