Creamy Basil Marinara Soup 

This creamy basil marinara soup takes humble, high-quality marinara sauce and turns it into a perfectly comforting, cold day cure with the right amount of spice, and freshness from basil pesto.


Collecting all your ingredients- Gather all the spices you will need, and keep them nearby.

Prepare the soup - Add the all the soup ingredients to a sauce pan, except for the heavy cream. Let it come to a simmer. Once it has simmered, add the heavy cream.

Prepare the grilled cheese - Butter the outside of the buns. Make a grilled cheese sandwich, and brown the the outsides in a skillet over medium-low heat. To let the cheese melt, cover with a lid.

Make the croutons - Cut the grilled cheese into bite-sized pieces. Top the soup with the grilled cheese croutons, and enjoy!