Din Tai Fung Style Spicy Garlic Green Beans

These Din Tai Fung style spicy garlic green beans are packed with flavour, and savoury umami flavour. They are the perfect side to hibachi style steak, and fluffy jasmine rice. Bonus.


Dry fry the green beans: Dry frying is the method of cooking the beans in oil, to get rid of excess moisture. There is no coating on the beans.

Once the skin of the beans is blistered, remove them from the pan and drain the excess oil on paper towel. Continue to repeat this process until all of the beans are fried.

Saute the aromatics: Drain the oil from the pan, and add the garlic and chillis to the pan. Sauté the garlic and chillis until they are fragrant, and then add the soy sauce, and water.

Toss the green beans: Add the green beans back to the skillet, and toss in the sauce. Enjoy!